How much does LIGHTLINK cost?


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There are 3 versions of LIGHTLINK to choose from. 

After your free trial, LIGHTLINK Mobile (Android or iOS) is $2.99/month.

- Playback light shows on 5 Nanoleaf Controllers.

- Access to any of the over 350 music light shows (24 hours of content).

- New light shows added daily

LIGHTLINK Desktop Player (Windows or MAC) is $4.99/month.

- Includes LIGHTLINK Mobile for playback. 

- Playback light shows on 5 Nanoleaf Controllers at the same time using Desktop.

- Add RAZER, Twinkly, Philips Hue, Govee, Yeelight, Corasir, and hundreds of other smart lights (Windows Only).

- Arrange the playlist in any order.

- Change the order of your Nanoleaf lights to create more immersive animations.

- Play light shows created by other LIGHTLINK users.

LIGHTLINK Desktop Creator Windows or MAC) is $9.99/month.

- Includes LIGHTLINK Mobile.

- Includes all features of LIGHTLINK Desktop Player.

- CREATE your OWN light show for any Spotify song or MP3 file!

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